Southern Pecan

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Pecans were harvested by Native Americans in the United States, long before the 16th century, when they were introduced to the Europeans. Bring this classic American flavor to your kitchen, with Inbru Southern Pecan flavor.

Each 30g container, (scoop included) flavors approximately 80 Рsix-ounce servings of coffee. Also available in 120g size, which flavors approximately 320 Рsix-ounce servings of coffee. Ingredients: rice hulls, natural and artificial flavors.

Inbru is a calorie-free, fat-free, sugar-free, carb-free product. Inbru is also gluten-free, kosher certified and completely non-allergenic. It contains no peanuts, no nuts, no soy, no wheat.

2 reviews for Southern Pecan

  1. Taryn Beard

    When I heard Inbru had new flavors, I got really excited. Southern Pecan is one of my all-time favorite flavors and this does not disappoint. It has a mild nuttiness, not the least bit overwhelming. It pairs perfectly with Truvia & Cashew Milk for a morning treat (minus the calories). With Southern Pecan, you really feel like you are indulging in southern tradition. I’m a huge fan of this flavor! Must try.

  2. Philip Noblit

    We used this flavor with our signature coffee that we brew in our deli. The flavor and aroma are amazing! This will become a standard for us.

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