At Inbru, we want you to be as informed about all the amazing attributes of our coffee flavors. Just click on the questions below and you will see the answer, and don’t forget to contact us with any other questions.

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Inbru lets you flavor your favorite coffee – dark roast, light roast, decaf, single-origin, blend. That means you control the coffee you flavor. Imagine your favorite coffee flavored just how you like it. And imagine controlling how intense you want your coffee flavored!

No. In fact, flavored coffee beans go stale within weeks while Inbru lasts a year on your shelf. Rather than buy many bags of different flavored coffees, you can buy one bag of coffee and enjoy a different flavored coffee experience every day of the week. It’s like having 26 different coffees in one bag! Think about how many pounds of coffee you’d need to have in your pantry to match the variety of one bag of coffee and Inbru.

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No. Inbru will not make your coffee sweet. There are no natural or artificial sweeteners in Inbru. Inbru has no sugar or calories. Inbru will not sweeten your coffee. You can sweeten your cup of Inbru flavored coffee with any sweetener you choose, or just drink it black.

No. Inbru is not a creamer. It will not turn your coffee white. There are no dairy or non-dairy creamers in Inbru and it contains no fat, trans-fats, saturated fats, unsaturated fats or dairy products at all. Coffee flavored with Inbru is still black coffee – unless you add your favorite creamer to your Inbru flavored cup of coffee.

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Yes. Inbru is perfect for diabetics or anyone on a sugar- or carbohydrate-restricted diet. in fact, Inbru is a great way to liven up any diet without adding sugar, carbs, fat or calories.

Yes. Inbru is ideal for people with wheat allergies because it contains no wheat or gluten. Inbru is made from Rice Hulls. Inbru is made in a facility that does NOT process any products containing wheat or gluten.


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