HIghlander Grogg


Inbru Highlander Grogg brings the essence of Scottish Brandy, a sassy hint of spice, and a smooth buttery flavor to any cup of coffee.

Each 30g container, (scoop included) flavors approximately 80 - six-ounce servings of coffee. Also available in 120g size, which flavors approximately 320 - six-ounce servings of coffee. Ingredients: rice hulls, natural and artificial flavors.

Inbru is a calorie-free, fat-free, sugar-free, carb-free product. Inbru is also gluten-free, kosher certified and completely non-allergenic. It contains no peanuts, no nuts, no soy, no wheat.

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    • An aroma of whiskey and butter. Interesting.
      Posted by N/A on 2020 August 31
      • This is a great addition to my morning coffee. It reminds me of the holiday coffee spiked with booze that my parents often served....very nice aroma and flavor'
        Posted by N/A on 2020 March 16
        • Every inbru product I have had is excellent and this one is no exception. It is one of my favorites. It has a subtle flavor that never overpowers the coffee, yet adds a delightful added dimensions and smoothness to the coffee. This is the third or fourth time I have ordered this flavor and will order again.
          Posted by stankran on 2019 December 12
          • This reminds me of the coffee with a shot of whiskey that my parents often had to drink and let me taste. The flavor is intense and delicious...Of all the flavors of Inbru that i have tried (about 8), this is now my favorite
            Posted by N/A on 2019 November 26
            • A small amount adds a wonderful flavor that turns an "ordinary" cup of coffee into an "extraordinary" one! A+
              Posted by stankran@sbcglobal.net on 2019 September 23
              • loved the highland grogg, haven't tried out here yet
                Posted by N/A on 2017 November 28
                • I've tried Highlander Grogg from several different companies but this one is the BEST!
                  Posted by Dana Wright on 2017 October 13
                  • I love this flavor!!! I add it to my strong brewed coffee and use it for iced coffee. I'm wondering if anyone has ever used it to make iced tea. I think that would be a yummy beverage also!! I love that Inbru allows me to be able to use whatever brand or strength of coffee I have on hand in order to make this. I bought the bigger jars this time because I know how much I love it.
                    Posted by Angela on 2016 July 06
                    • I typically order three flavors at a time: one old, one new and Highlander Grogg. It's my go-to for any morning and any food pairing because of its simple maple sweetness. It's healthier than adding a spoonful of pure maple syrup or using maple rum treated beans.
                      Posted by Amy on 2015 December 29
                      • I love trying new flavors of Inbru with every order, but the Highlander Grogg is the one I order every single time. The flavor is hard to describe, but oh so good. Highly recommend. :)
                        Posted by Stephanie S on 2015 December 29
                        • I had previously purchased this product at Kaldi's Coffee and have loved it. They seemed to be out of it, so I went directly to your site and made my order. Shocking to see these tiny jars that were barely 3/4 full. Was expecting the big jar I had last time.
                          Posted by Dale Ankele on 2015 June 12
                          • There are many flavors to choose from in the inbru store but the Highlander Grogg is the BEST! I have been using it for years and love the taste it gives my coffee, hot or cold. Give it a try...I bet it becomes your favorite too! :)
                            Posted by Linda on 2014 July 23
                            • We have been using this product / flavor for about 6 months now and it has very quickly become our bestselling flavored coffee. We roast our own beans so this product allows us to flavor our own coffee without the hassle and extra expense associated with flavoring the whole beans.
                              Posted by Creekside Cafe and Coffeehouse on 2014 January 24
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