Peppermint Bark


Combining all-natural peppermint flavor with rich, dark chocolate creates something delicious. If you're looking for a minty, chocolatey flavor, you'll find it in a scoop of Inbru Peppermint Bark.

Each 30g container, (scoop included) flavors approximately 80 - six-ounce servings of coffee. Also available in 120g size, which flavors approximately 320 - six-ounce servings of coffee. Ingredients: rice hulls, natural and artificial flavors.

Inbru is a calorie-free, fat-free, sugar-free, carb-free product. Inbru is also gluten-free, kosher certified and completely non-allergenic. It contains no peanuts, no nuts, no soy, no wheat.

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    • You can really taste the chocolate and peppermint, yet they do not overpower the flavor of your coffee. I will order this again.
      Posted by on 2019 September 23
      • Not overpowering, just a hint of peppermint and chocolate. No need to leave home for my favorite flavor and I get to use my usual artificial sweetener. TY for all the great flavors you offer, it's great for diabetics
        Posted by Edna on 2017 November 02
        • I wouldn't use this one every day, but it's just right for the holidays
          Posted by N/A on 2015 August 11
          • It's no secret I have been a huge fan of Inbru Coffee Flavors. I love that I can switch up my flavors daily depending on my mood. With Christmas near, I decided to go with Peppermint Bark and was not disappointed - this is my favorite flavor yet! It has hints of chocolate and peppermint, and creates the perfect flavor mixed in with coffee. This would make a great stocking stuffer for friends or family this Christmas. I truly look forward to every cold morning that I get to drink Peppermint Bark Inbru! Love it!
            Posted by Lindsey Stroud on 2014 November 17
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          Inbru is perfect for restaurants, cafés, offices and households alike because it’s got unbeatable versatility. You can brew using everything from drip brewer, to french press, to Aeropress, to classic pour over. Inbru releases its essential aromas during the brewing process, creating a deeply aromatic and incredibly delicious cup of joe.

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