Celtic Mocha


When fall rolls around, we look forward to traditional autumn flavors. Try a cup of coffee flavored with Inbru Pumpkin Pie. You may not need to eat that second slice!

Each 30g container, (scoop included) flavors approximately 80 - six-ounce servings of coffee. Also available in 120g size, which flavors approximately 320 - six-ounce servings of coffee. Ingredients: rice hulls, natural flavors.

Inbru is a calorie-free, fat-free, sugar-free, carb-free product. Inbru is also gluten-free, kosher certified and completely non-allergenic. It contains no peanuts, no nuts, no soy, no wheat.

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    • I tried the Celtic Mocha yesterday for the first time, and am now a fan. The flavors were strong but not overpowering, complementing but not smothering the coffee taste.
      Posted by N/A on 2020 August 25
      • I was not expecting much from the Inbru products but, frankly, I needed to try something new during the pandemic so here we are. Not only does it make my morning coffee taste great, it really didn’t need any sweetener at all. Great taste hot or cold...just make a carafe of cold brew for tomorrow!
        Posted by N/A on 2020 August 21
        • I love this flavor!
          Posted by Peglet on 2019 December 04
          • I have previously purchased this product from a retail coffee outlet near my home as well as from your website. This flavor has wonderful undercurrents of chocolate along with the very subtle whiskey flavor....I enjoy it a lot as an addition to my morning brew.
            Posted by N/A on 2019 June 17
            • Great chocolate taste and so smooth!
              Posted by Sarah on 2017 September 29
              • I have ordered four different flavors from Inbru and they have all been very flavorful. The Celtic mocha is unique, a bit of Irish creme and just a hint of mocha. The perfect blend for a cold NE afternoon. I am a decaf coffee drinker and finding decaf flavored coffees is quite difficult. Thanks to Inbru I can transform my smooth decaf into a taste sensation- no heavy oils and not too sweet. The only problem I will have is the storage of all the Inbru flavors!!
                Posted by Gloris on 2015 February 08
                • I really like the Celtic Mocha. It adds just enough mocha flavor to turn a regular cup of coffee into a special treat.
                  Posted by Pat Baker on 2014 February 17
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                Inbru is perfect for restaurants, cafés, offices and households alike because it’s got unbeatable versatility. You can brew using everything from drip brewer, to french press, to Aeropress, to classic pour over. Inbru releases its essential aromas during the brewing process, creating a deeply aromatic and incredibly delicious cup of joe.

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