It’s brU time

Flavored Coffee. But Better.

We like what we like, whether it’s dark roast, light roast, or decaf, we drink it for a reason. And sometimes, we want to add a little flavor to the mix. Why would you buy a whole new bag of flavored coffee when you could flavor what you’ve already got? It’s simple: Add Inbru to your ground coffee in the filter basket and elevate your experience.

Inbru is perfect for restaurants, cafés, offices and households alike because it’s got unbeatable versatility. You can brew using anything from a drip brewer, to french press, to Aeropress, to classic pour over. Inbru releases its essential aromas during the brewing process, creating a deeply aromatic and incredibly delicious cup of joe.

Because Life Deserves Flavor!

It’s easier than ever to be your own barista with Inbru. Each 30 gram jar includes a measuring scoop and enough Inbru to flavor about 80 servings of coffee at home, without the coffee house prices.

Bru’d the Way You Like it.

Prefer a stronger flavor profile? Use a little more Inbru. Like your coffee a little less in your face? Use a little less. Your house, your rules.

*Inbru is not recommended for use with Keurig-style brewing systems. Like coffee, Inbru needs time and space to mingle with hot water in order to release the perfect flavor. If you choose to use Inbru in a My K-Cup, note that you may need to add more than the recommended amount per serving.


At Inbru, the flavor possibilities are as unlimited as your imagination. But we do have a few suggestions of some great combinations we’ve developed. Below are some of our favorites, but feel free to create your own proprietary blends for your coffeehouse or business. Don’t forget to email us at with your new, wild flavor ideas!

Top FLavors

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